Happy Trashcan Curbside Composting

Servicing the Bozeman, MT and surrounding area since 2016. A year round service, we pick up, process, and compost your food scraps on a weekly basis. Our goal is to divert all food waste from the landfills and turn it back in to nutrient rich compost. We process over 2,000 pounds of food waste on a weekly basis.
For our subscribers, we offer free compost in the Spring and Fall.

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The Founders Ryan and Adrienne

We are Happy Trashcan

Established in 2016 by Ryan Green and Adrienne Huckabone in Bozeman, MT. With backgrounds in sustainable agriculture and high density composting, we feel passionate about keeping organic waste out of landfills and turning it back into soil. Happy Trash Can will pick up your food scraps from your door step on a weekly basis. We switch out your used bucket for a clean on upon pickup, take your food scraps to our site at Strike Farms. We process the food scraps back into the Bozeman soil and keep your organic waste out of the landfills.

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Sign up for a monthly subscription through the Paypal Subscribe button above. Commercial businesses please email us at info@happytrashcan.net for a quote. We will happily answer any questions/orders by phone 406-570-0896

Happy Composting!

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